September 29, 2022

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What Is A Bento Box And How It Is Different From A Normal Lunch Box?           

Bento boxes are the type of lunch box format which is very different from the normal lunch box. In this type of bento box, there are many different types of ingredients. This makes the box more versatile with a variety of food items. Also, the word bento usually means a single serving. Hence, these are single-serving packed meals in which different types of materials and a variety of food items are included.

The bento box historically tends to include rice, noodles, and foundational starch items. For example, it is usually accompanied by fish, eggs, meat, and chicken. This food variety is, merged with various types of pickles and sauces. This makes a wholesome meal for a single person. Few bites of fruits and sweet dishes are also added to add more crucial flavors to the healthy bento boxes (ข้าว กล่อง เพื่อ สุขภาพ, which is the term in Thai).

These days the bento box types are enhancing with a modern touch. Also, no matter how much material is kept inside the bento boxes. These are usually tucked in super neatly. This also increases the appeal of bento food boxes. Hence, as a result, the Bentos are the result of the convenient food boxes.

Different Types Of The Bento Food Boxes

Kyraben Bento Boxes

This is the most popular type of character bento box. These are also known as character bento. The design and arrangement of these bento boxes are usually very adorable. The inspiration for these bento boxes is usually taken from anime, cartoons, and video games as well. These are cartoon-inspired boxes.

Aisi Bento Boxes

These bento boxes completely rely on the fact that food is love. This type of food box is completely focused to bring on more and more flavors with the addition of vivid food colors. These bento boxes also contained a larger number of sweet dishes and fruits. Many times chocolates are also incorporated in these types of bento boxes.

Shikasiben Bento Boxes

These types of bento boxes are completely different. These include funky and unique-looking food items. Well, if you have ever prepared Halloween treats then you can easily identify these types of bento boxes.

There are many different ways to assemble bento boxes. The most important thing here to keep in mind is the proportion. With the right proportion, you can easily maintain the bento boxes.