June 27, 2022

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What Do You Wear Denim Jeans With?


Jeans are one of the favourite materials for creating a casual look. But denim is versatile and can yield more formal productions, which can go to work and still enjoy a more festive occasion. The secret is choosing the pieces when putting together the look.

Jeans are always present in the street style, and now and then, a new classic model appears to update our wardrobe and reinvent the timeless piece, such as mom jeans, straight pants, grandpa pants, and skinny. Currently, jeans go far beyond a wild piece that you only wear in casual looks. it has become a fashionista, and you can wear the item every day of the week, on entirely different occasions. Here you see what to wear jeans with so you don’t need to ask the question where can I buy clothes online in Singapore anymore, follow these article:

Mom Jeans And Old School Converse

The ideal mix for a vintage outfit directly inspired by the 90s. To avoid the fancy dress effect, we modernize the look with a trendy top and modern accessories.

Mom Jeans And Pumps

The combination of mom jeans and pumps works every time to create a nice chic-casual look. We recommend the pumps with an asymmetric cut, which will go particularly well with 7/8th mom jeans. Don’t hesitate to wear a dressy top, a fluid blouse, or a fine sweater with a Peter Pan collar.

Mom Jeans And Fashionable Sneakers

Want a nice casual outfit for the weekend? Nothing like mom jeans with fashionable sneakers. At the moment, we like metallic or glittery sneakers, or, for something soberer, the eternal white sneakers. All you need to do is wear a simple white t-shirt and denim jeans Singapore for your casual Mom denim look.

Jeans: Upgrade Them With A Pretty Mid-Season Jacket

The ultimate? A Coco Chanel-style terry jacket: it’s the type to forgive even a bleached model with moustaches. But honestly, who still dares the moustache jeans after 30 years? And if it rains, we swap the jacket for a trench coat, perfect to give a touch of British elegance to your outfit. How about a blazer jacket? So, chic too.

Jeans: Sublime It With A White Shirt

It’s up to you to see if you button it entirely or not, but, on the other hand, do not compromise on the quality of the cotton of the shirt to keep a little outfit.

Jeans: The Silhouette Is Slender With A Nice Pair Of Heels

The advice may seem obvious, yet, we know nothing more effective than to “glamourize” your favourite jeans. In winter, the high and vintage boots are yours; in summer, make way for pumps. And if they have open ends, don’t forget to paint your toenails: it’s that little extra that can make all the difference

Jeans: We Have A Pretty Fluid Shirt Bloused And Printed On The Inside

Why? Because it immediately gives structure to the silhouette. The trick also works with a monochrome T-shirt or sweater, if it is thin enough. On the other hand, avoid the association with a sweatshirt – especially if it is hooded!

Jeans: Underline The Waist With A Belt

The accessory is not necessarily very useful if the jeans are already perfectly adapted to your morphology. But if you choose a beautifully crafted leather, braided or coloured belt on its own, this accessory may be enough to feminize jeans which can be seen in Yishion SG.

Jeans: Accessorize It With A Silk Square Or An Elegant Scarf

In this case, replace the leather belt with a long-printed square tied at navel height. A white T-shirt on top and voila!

Multiply The Accessories

It makes a bit of sense with heels, but in practice, the trick turns out to be formidable. So we put on the essential fashion accessories of the season! A pair of sunglasses in summer to give yourself the air of a diva, a pretty eyeglass frame to give yourself credit, a luxury handbag to give yourself status. Jewellery, shoes, bags, sleeves, don’t censor yourself!

Jean: We Do Not Procrastinate On The Quality Of Denim

This is the best if you want your jeans to go with you everywhere. The soft fabrics that risk yawning at the thighs and knees? We forget. Denim that is too “used,” worse, models with holes? We keep them for the summer, the holidays, and the beach. Nothing better than raw and indigo denim. The ultimate proof? We have seen actresses dare it even on the red carpet! Also good: black jeans, absolutely timeless.