August 8, 2022

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Variations Between Seamless Casing and ERW Casing

Seamless Casing – Casing created from seamless steel pipe as raw material.

Seamless steel tubes reference steel tubes created by four methods: hot moving, cold moving, hot drawing, and cold drawing. There is not any welds across the pipe body itself.

ERW Casing – Casing created from electric welded pipe as raw material.

ERW welded pipe describes a vertical seam welded pipe manufactured utilizing a high-frequency resistance welding process. The raw material steel plate (coil) of ERW welded pipe includes low-carbon microalloy steel folded by TMCP (Thermo-Mechanical Control Process).

  1. Outer diameter tolerance

Seamless steel pipe: Hot-folded developing process can be utilized, along with the sizing is finished at roughly 8000C. The raw material composition, cooling condition and cooling symptom in sequence possess a great effect on its outer diameter, so the outer diameter control is nearly impossible to find accurate and fluctuates The quantity is bigger.

ERW steel pipe: adopts cold-created developing and sizing by .6% reduction. The procedure weather conditions are essentially constant at 70 levels, so the outer diameter control is accurate along with the fluctuation range is small, that’s useful to get rid of black leather buckles

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  1. Wall thickness tolerance

Seamless steel pipe: It’s created by round steel perforation, along with the wall thickness deviation is large. The following hot moving can partly get rid of the unevenness within the wall thickness, nonetheless the innovative unit could only be controlled within ±5~10%t.

ERW steel pipe: using hot-folded coil as raw material, the thickness tolerance of latest hot-moving may be controlled within .05mm.

  1. Appearance

The outer surface defects within the blanks present in seamless steel pipes cannot be eliminated using the hot moving process, along with the defects could only be polished off carrying out a finish outcome is finished the spiral path left after perforation could only be partly eliminated within the wall reduction process.

ERW steel pipe uses hot-folded coils as recycleables. The most effective company’s coils may be the surface quality of ERW steel pipes. The best of hot-folded coils is easy to deal with and quality. Therefore, the best of ERW steel pipes is much more more suitable than seamless steel pipes.

  1. Ovality

Seamless steel pipe: hot-folded developing process is adopted. The raw material composition within the steel pipe, the cooling condition along with the cooling symptom in the roll possess a great effect on its outer diameter, it is therefore hard to control the outer diameter precisely along with the fluctuation range is large.

ERW steel pipe: adopts cold bending developing, so the outer diameter control is accurate along with the fluctuation range is small.

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  1. Tensile test

The tensile performance indexes of seamless steel pipes and ERW steel pipes stick to API standards, but the strength of seamless steel pipes is usually inside the maximum along with the plasticity reaches the lower limit. Compared, pressure index of ERW steel pipes is inside the best condition, along with the plasticity index is 33.3% greater in comparison with standard. For the reason that the performance of hot-folded coils, the raw material of ERW steel pipes, is guaranteed by way of microalloying smelting, out-of-furnace refining, and controlled cold and controlled moving seamless steel pipes mainly depend on approach to increase carbon content, that’s hard to ensure strength and plasticity. Reasonable match.

  1. Hardness

The raw material of ERW steel pipe, hot-folded coil, has high precision with the moving process, that may ensure the uniform performance of parts of the coil.