September 29, 2022

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Low rates of employment among black men- Why?

The United States of America is well-known for many things but best known for its racial exploitation. The country has pointless racial disparities in every walk of life. Once again, we find the spotlight shining on the plights of Black people in the United States with regard to unemployment rates. This situation is not new. In this article, we will focus on the reasons why the rates of employment are so low among black men. Nearly fifteen years back, we were able to see people give a little attention to the increased imprisonment and the decreased rate of employment of black people. It also shed the spotlight on the plights of the black people, their families due to the insensible racial exploitation. Besides, people started paying attention to the impacts of mass imprisonment and have actively begun voicing against it. However, these efforts began to go unnoticed with time. hire black people in few clicks through this portal

We shall see the list of reasons that caused the decrease in the rate of employment of black people in this article. We shall also see a list of new policies that could help better the situation.  

We must first consider the three main results:

  1. Population’s employment
  2. Unemployment
  3. The participation of the labor force. 

The employment of the population sums up the impacts of the rest of the results listed above. All of the above-listed outcomes, for the month of January in the past and the present year, come out separately on the basis of gender and race. The first one lets you compare the gender and racial employment rates at the highest of the cycle of business. The second one is on the basis of the monstrous effects of the pandemic on the black people in the workers market. Do checkout: black hiring official site here

For a considerably long time now, researchers have kept track of the gaps in the employment rates and the income of white and black men to compare. They specifically recorded the same data between the black people and others. It was to figure out why there was a massive gap between the black and the white employment rates. The following were the prime causes as per their analysis


  1. Ultimate reasons: Social exiling and racial exploitation
  2. Proximate causes: Low skills, work experience, and education
  3. Reinforcing causes: Imprisonment and care for children
  4. Mediating causes: Bad health and low rates of marriage and child custody.


However, there are still solutions to increase their rates of employment. Many factors influence the employment rates among black people, such as economic, demographic, and social factors. Therefore, sorting out these issues one by one can help increase the rates of employment among them. For instance, taking steps to build neighborhoods and schools, opening employment programs for the youth and giving them the required work experience, and increasing the basic salary of the black people can do wonders in increasing the employment rates. However, getting rid of racial discrimination is the key to ending the plights of all black people in every walk of life, let alone employment.