June 27, 2022

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Look for Your Smartest CBD Marketing Through the Boxes

Due to the environmental crisis, merchants and entrepreneurs have been forced to seek more sustainable and friendly packaging alternatives. According to the Ministry of the Environment, the manufacture of a plastic bag takes a minute; however, the consequences it brings to the planet can drag on for centuries. Experts estimate that these products have a useful life of 15 to 30 minutes, but that they take 400 years to degrade. Choosing the best CBD packaging can be a wise choice here and now.

This is why merchants and entrepreneurs have been forced to seek more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives, and that they do not exceed their budget for packaging. Here are five recommendations to help merchants and entrepreneurs find the most feasible option to package their products, always considering sustainability and caring for the environment. Get to know them below:

Avoid Plastic

More than 8 million tons of plastic reach the sea each year, and the vast majority of this waste corresponds to packaging. To eliminate this cycle, the first step is to remove plastic as a consumer necessity.

Avoid plastic-coated Kraft paper (polyethylene)

Most of the CBD product packaging and cosmetic box are a mix of paper with polyethylene, the famous “polipapel”. This is sold to consumers as paper packaging because of its brown color. However, this material is untreatable, contaminates paper recycling and “is a hoax,. How to identify it? These containers are made of a sheet of paper that is treated with plastic to make it impervious to liquid substances. The Custom Cosmetic Boxes are the best examples here.

Opt For 100% Vegetable Materials

Packaging made from plants has the particularity that it becomes a resource for a future production cycle. This given that they can be composted and turned into fertilizer. Nothing is lost.

Prefer Packaging That Has More Than One Use

If it can be reused or given an alternative use, it is better. The later the packaging is finished in a recycling or composting system, the more beneficial it will always be. Also go for the Custom Mylar bags here.

Ask the Brands What Their Packaging Is Made Of

According to professionals, the most important thing of all is to get informed. Require brands to clearly communicate the component materials of their packaging and require the elimination of single-use plastic. That they do not entangle indicating concepts related to Kraft coffee or with biodegradable words. Request certifications and total transparency, concluded the entrepreneur.