November 27, 2022

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How To Choose Between Slab And Roof

During the definition of the design and construction of your home, a multitude of doubts arise. Almost all of them have an impact on quality, aesthetics, and especially cost. Let’s talk about a super difficult decision to make and try to help you decide if the best option for your home is to use a slab or roof.

Houses built with a roof that can be gotten from guardian home roofing  cover take more time to build. Although the tiles are a mere fitting system, they are all supported by a complex wooden system. The manpower needs to be specialized, and anyone who climbs on it to perform some maintenance on the roof needs to know how to step. Otherwise, the risk of breaking a tile and leaking is very high.

For cases where the slab is exclusively waterproof, it is necessary to consider with your engineer if the extra weight impact generated by the mechanical protection of the asphalt blanket (if this is the waterproofing system chosen) will increase or not support structures of the slab.

The increase in the dimensioning of these parts may justify the implantation of a simple roof. A more modern solution would be to apply a lightweight waterproofing system, which does not require additional mechanical protection. Understand.

As for performance, as long as it is well made, a waterproofed slab tends to bring you a lot less hassle than a roof. The feeling of security is usually greater amid gales, for example. In both cases, additional and complementary work is necessary to provide this result to obtain thermal comfort. There are, however, waterproofing systems that add a high level of solar reflectance, such as the 100% Silicone Solution.

Architecture: Which Aggregates More? Slab Or Roof?

Aesthetically, there is a myth that for the house to promote a cozy look and have a “house feel,” it must have a roof. The architecture has adapted to the future and the houses designed today without a roof are far from looking like a bank agency or car dealership.

It is a fact that the roofs like in provide a wide possibility of architectural styles, thus being protagonists in the definition of the style of a house. Similarly, houses covered only with waterproofed slabs make it possible to take advantage of spaces on the roof, which can have extreme architectural value, adding charming and coveted differentials to the house, such as a green slab.