September 29, 2022

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Getting property for sale in Greece

Greece is one of the European countries where people purchase housing for recreation and permanent residence. Problems with where to buy property in Greece do not exist due to the rich selection of properties that can satisfy the needs of the most demanding buyers. We are not talking only about wealthy citizens.

Acquisition of villa

Usually, people turn to realtors and collect a whole range of proposals: a one-time visit of the buyer implies an inspection of 10-15 rooms, apartments, or villas. There are other features of buying Thessaloniki property for sale, such as:

  • the opportunity to learn more about living space by visiting a thematic exhibition (this is especially true for commercial sites);
  • a chance to save on tickets, visas, etc. – if you are planning a particularly large purchase, the property owner can cover the costs associated with moving;
  • combining a business trip with an excursion – the realtor will not be surprised at all if you ask to calculate the time so that you have time to visit exhibitions and concerts during the breaks between site visits, and will probably offer to arrange a meeting at the airport.

Who buys property in Greece?

Any foreigner can buy luxury holiday villas in Greece. Spa houses are bought with pleasure by both Italians and French. However, the main buyers of Greek real estate are the British, Germans, and Russians. Russians, in most cases, buy resort real estate for their own residence.

Real estate in Greece is of interest to Chinese buyers as well. They are aimed at obtaining a residence permit. Greece issues golden visas to buyers of one or more properties worth over 250,000 euros. Among the European programs for obtaining a residence permit for investment, the Greek one is the most profitable.