June 27, 2022

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Essential Ways To Take Care Of Your Spa

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Having a SPA at home is an alternative to enjoy with friends or relax with family, resulting in physical and mental benefits for the body. For this, some care is needed to conserve and enjoy all the advantages of this product and for repair service, call a specialist.


The internal area of ​​the SPA can be cleaned with neutral detergent and water. Use only smooth sponges and flannels to avoid scratches on the surface.

The filters can be soaked in water and neutral detergent and must be washed thoroughly before returning to place.

Automotive wax and flannel can be used to make the product shine.


The SPAs have two filter systems (physical and chemical), which clean the water of visible and invisible impurities, leaving it functional for about six months. After this period, the exchange is recommended.

Try to purchase the SPA cover that protects from excessive dirt, prevents material damage, and blocks water evaporation.

Even if they are not used frequently, SPAs must be turned on periodically so that they are not damaged and can function correctly.

How To Treat The Spa Water

SPAs make it possible to reuse water for up to eight months. The filters that accompany the product are responsible for cleaning the water and its durability. For this, there are physical and chemical filters. Check out the differences between them:

  • Physical filter: filters out solid particles, such as sand, leaves, etc.
  • Chemical filter: called an Ozonator, it transforms oxygen into ozone, which has the power to eliminate algae, bacteria, and microorganisms.


To keep the water clean for a longer time, there is the possibility to purchase the SPA cover that protects from excessive dirt, prevents material damage, and blocks water evaporation. Also, the item has a thermal function, which maintains the water temperature for a longer time.

Remember, these two filters are exclusive to SPAs. The bathtubs do not have a filter, so the outlet valve must be opened to drain the water after use.

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How To Sanitize The Bathtub

Taking a bath brings a feeling of relaxation and comfort but keeping the piece always clean for the following uses. Because it is a delicate material, it is essential to take some precautions to avoid scratches and stains, here are prepared tips for keeping your bathtub always clean for subsequent use and for installation, you can reach some specialist like https://climatecontrolexperts.com/plumbing/ amongst others.

How To Clean:

Fill it with hot water, add two tablespoons of neutral detergent and activate the hydromassage for 5 to 10 minutes. Then, empty the bathtub and refill it, this time with cold water.

To remove stains that form over time, use a sponge with a bit of creamy scallop. Let the product act, then rinse well.

With flannel and mild soap/detergent, clean the edges and taps of the bathtub.

For a more intense shine, use flannel and automotive wax for polishing.