November 27, 2021

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Classic Car Owning Has A Unique Charm and A Dark Side You Need to Know Before Buying 

People admire classic cars but owning them is totally different. If you are an admirer of classic cars and planning to buy one then you need to know about its charming and dark side. Owning a classic car is an idea that you cannot ignore, but some aspects are not so glamorous.

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Perks of owning a classic car

Style – All modern cars feel, look, and drive the same. On the other hand, the looks of a classic car appreciate with aging and grab more attention when driven on the road. It has a unique personality and the owner look sophisticated while driving.

Attention-grabber – People will feel curious about the classic model and approach you to talk about it or click a picture for sharing on social media. You will feel like a celebrity. Everyone will wish to ride in the old model.

Drive – Classic cars were designed with exhaust sound, while modern cars focus on lowering NVH levels. There are no comfort features in classic models and the driver plays a crucial role in controlling the car. A classic car is all about drive and not the destination. The value of some classic cars appreciates when maintained well. It is an investment, which offers returns after ten years.

Emotional appeal – Classic car design is timeless and you have chosen it for several reasons. It is a model that connects you to your childhood days or the first model you purchased or a gift from your parents [who are dead today]. The reasons are infinite. Such emotional value surpasses the purchase price, certain limitations, maintenance costs, etc. Feelings are priceless!

The downside of owning a classic car

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Maintenance cost – The purchase cost of total classic car restoration is high and even maintenance will be high. If you do the restoration on your own then finding the compatible parts is time-consuming and before the car is capable to drive on the road it can be months. There will also be a need for special mechanics skilled to make needed changes often. Such services carry a huge cost than modern cars.

Low fuel efficiency – Classic cars are old and their performance depends on their old owner. Classic needs regular tuning and maintenance to perform well. If its owner lacks this attention and care then the car may be a gas guzzler. Expect it to lack fuel efficiency, which is not a pleasing thought!

Lack of safety – Unlike today, classic cars was not meant for roads and speeds. Several classic models have no seat belts, lack crumple zones, and have a weak framework, so are unsafe to drive.

Pollution – Due to the age-old engine and its condition expect to pay green tax. It is not an eco-friendly option even if people say that buying a classic car is good for the ecosystem. It emits high emission and more exhaust in comparison.

Purchase of classic car is more about heart than head, so if you are happy to buy one….go for it!