August 8, 2022

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Aha released Y movie in 2021 – crime thriller

Nobody could have ever thought of the current condition that we are going through. Just a year ago, everything was fine, and people were living their daily lives without any worries. The COVID situation created havoc all around the world. People unaware of this deadly virus didn’t heed the warnings. The result of it was a surge in the infection and countless deaths. The government of different countries took severe steps to minimize the toll. India was no exception. All the states imposed complete lockdown.

Industries received setbacks with heavy losses. With nothing to do, people started warding off their time doing different activities. The Internet became the go-to thing, with the network traffic including substantially. People spent most of their time surfing the internet. The popularity of OTT(Over-The-Top) services increased as people started watching movies and TV shows to spend their time. This gave a boost to the rise of many local OTT platforms. The emergence of these local platforms came as a relief for local movie industries. Many of the movies, which got postponed because of the pandemic, got released on these platforms. One of the game-changers among these was the Aha OTT service. It provides all the latest movies in Telugu to stream.

BaaluAdusumilli is the director of this Crime-Thriller. The film stars Sriram, Rahul Ramakrishna, and AkshayaChander in lead roles. Also, it stars Raghu Babu, Deviyani Sher, Srikanth, Gemini Suresh, and many more. Darshan has done the cinematography. However, VikasBadisha has composed the music and background scores. The film was released on 3 April 2021 and has a run time of 91 minutes.

The story follows the life of a successful director Sri Ramachandra(Sriram). He decides to make a movie with the script he wrote, but it goes awry when the film commercially flops. Irritated by all the things going on in his life and wanting to prove himself, he starts writing a story. But his effort is for naught. His wife comes up with a suggestion to hire a scriptwriter. He hires Balu(Rahul Ramakrishna), who comes up with a brilliant Crime-Thriller script. But after this, things take a sudden turn. The engaging plot keeps the viewers glued to the screens.

The streaming service of Aha got created for the sole purpose of streaming Telugu content. With a wide range of Telugu blockbusters and a similar collection of Telugu Web-Series’, it became a raging hit among Telugu movie fans. The genre-based selections made it even easier for fans to select what to watch. One of the most popular genres has been the Crime-Thriller genre. There are already many films on Aha of that genre. But one of the recent films of that genre to be released on the platform was Y. It has become one of the best OTT releases of this year. Subscribe to the Aha streaming service and watch Y movie online. You can watch more Telugu blockbusters on Aha.