September 29, 2022

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5 Beach Destinations in Yogyakarta With Beautiful White Sand


The charm of Yogyakarta tourism destinations is endless because everything is beautiful and tempting the eye. Moreover, South Java beach destinations have become an object of a mandatory visit for every weekend or end of the year. Dozens of coast in Yogyakarta is indeed beautiful and have a coast that you can np usa map guide enjoy while playing waves. There are several beach tours in Yogyakarta that are beautiful and have a stretch of white sand dazzling eyes. Of course you can enjoy just playing the waves or make your memorable portraits here. Guaranteed, your portrait view will increase beautifully!

  1. Single Pok Beach

This beach is a beach located in Tepus Village, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. You need about 2 hours from downtown Yogyakarta to get to this beach. But calm down, because when you get to the beach, you will be presented with a beach view with a calm wave and a stretch of white sand that will spoil you.

Even though the distance is long, you can enjoy the comfortable single Pok Beach and visit Indrayanti beach and Siung beach not far from home. Not only can you enjoy the beautiful stretch of single Pok Beach, but you can also camp, play the waves on edge, and snorkelling too.

  1. Indrayanti Beach

Not far from the previous beach, Single Pok Beach, Indrayanti Beach also presented a white stretch of sand decorated with the blue sea. Not only that but Indrayanti beaches are also decorated with beautiful coral hills and spoil your eyes. If you dare to fight your fear, you can climb the cliffs to enjoy the clear stretch of the sea from the cliff. While enjoying the sea off, you can eat a variety of seafood culinary on the outskirts of the beach. In addition, there are many game rides, such as banana boats and Jetski, who test your strong mentality.

  1. Wediombo Beach

This beach is located further than other beaches in Yogyakarta, which is around 2.5 hours from downtown Yogyakarta. But just calm down, because you will be directly served with the beauty of the Wedombo Beach located in the Jepitu area, Girisubo, Gunungkidul.

This beach targets both local and foreign tourists because of its famous location with a beautiful stretch of coral and obvious beach water. Besides taking pictures with rock backgrounds and blue sea stretches, you can also enjoy processed seafood while camping and enjoying dusk on the ocean of coral. Because of the lack of stretch of sand left, you must be extra careful in choosing a place to play water.

  1. Ngrenehan beach

It requires a distance of about 1.5 hours from downtown Yogyakarta, and you will be presented with the unique beach here. Not only can you play the waves and see the blue expanse of the sea, but you can also watch the traffic direct traffic which goes and goes home to find hunting fish. Even because of the many fishermen on the coast, Ngrenehan beach also gets the nickname as a fisherman beach.

This beach is also unique because it is flanked by two solid coral hills jutting into the sea, which can prevent large waves from sulking directly to the edge of the coast. If you want to bring souvenirs, you can buy processed fish or raw fish available in the shop near the entrance.

  1. Beach throughout

The beach throughout is the paradise of the city of Yogyakarta. The beach is about 2 hours from the centre of Yogyakarta, and it is precisely located in Ngelos, Marmakang, Tanjungsari, Gunung Kidul. Here you will be presented with a wide stretch of white sand and very fine sand granules. This beach is one of the Idol Beach destinations for foreign and local tourists because it is famous for its small waves and a spacious stretch of soft white sand. You can also eat a variety of sea culinary at the restaurant-lined up there or just enjoy the beauty of the beach by hunting sea animals in a stretch of sand. Besides that, you can also enjoy a fun night on the beach by camping here too.

All beaches in Yogyakarta are beautiful and look Shahdu. Especially with a vastrestaurant lined stretch of sand. So, when did you stop at one of the beaches in Yogyakarta?

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Yogyakarta by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.